Q&A with Fagence Art

How long have you been practising?

Darryl: I have been working with glass for the past 40 years

Sally: I have been painting professionally for 21 years, in which time I was also a private art tutor. Our daughter Amelia has always had an eye for detail and made and sold her first wooden sculpture at age 16She’s now studying, finishing her masters in architecture at RMIT in Melbourne

Your studio in Northcote overlooks the native bush. Does this provide a constant source of inspiration?

Sally: The surrounding bush is a constant source of inspiration with its bird life and as a peaceful environment to live and work in. We’ve lived and worked here for 21 years.

Many of the works in the exhibition showcase a great knowledge of techniques, such as Darryl’s knowledge of forming glass. Can you tell me a bit about how you developed a passion for your craft?

Darryl: My love of coloured stained glass lead on to forming glass in a kiln. Using my skills from an engineering background, I also started incorporating stainless steel to enhance the glass.

Sally’s use of wine barrels and old printing blocks seem charged with a history. Do many of the recycled pieces in the show tell a story of the past?

Sally: The recycled wine barrel staves and printing block letters are part of a desire to work as a sustainable artist. The objects I find that no longer have a purpose or are damaged are given new life as an art object.  I find inspiration working with the old wood grains, as well as the shades of light and dark on the old barrel staves.

Do you have any new works on the go at the moment? Are there any exhibitions upcoming?

Darryl: An upcoming combined project for 2016 a sculpture garden and gallery that we will be developing at our home and studio, on the perimeter of Kauri Glen bush. The opening is planned for mid to late Summer 2016, and all details will be up on our website.