MEET SPID PYE: Winner of Industry NZ Photographer Of the Year for Chris King's 'A Balance of Black & White'

Earlier this week photographer and longtime French Revolver collaborator Spid Pye won Photographer of the Year at Industry NZ, for his work with our very own Chris King on his submission A Balance of Black & White.

Read our ten question Q&A with Spid about the project, how he got into photography and his dream person to photograph.

1.        Congratulations on winning Photographer of the Year at Industry NZ. That's awesome! Why do you think your images of Chris' styling resonated well with judges?

I think because it was a different visual concept, something unexpected and there was a story/concept behind the images.

2.        How did you guys come up with the concept / idea behind it?

Chris mentioned Lee Jeffries with his cool street people work and the idea was born. I was thinking shooting of street people in their environment with cool cuts, so we ended up halfway between with some stylish guys and homeless people. 

3.        How did you come into contact with the French Revolver crew? What else have you guys done together?

Chris and I have been working together for about 15 years on and off, I sometimes shoot his shit and he sometimes styles some of my shit.

4.        How did you get into photography and make a start in your career?

I was passionate about photography and use to be a sparky, I bought a camera with my first pay cheque and things progressed from there. After I finished my apprenticeship I went to art school in London.

5.        Favourite person you've ever shot and why?

I think it would have to be Sting, very cool guy, allowed me to shoot a really cool portrait, which kicked off my career.

6.        Favourite fashion photographer overseas?

I like lots but don't keep tabs on names.

7.        What do you look for in an image of yours? When you're making selects, what are thing you look for?

Normally an emotion. It has to make you feel something.

8.        What camera and tech do you use for projects like A Balance of Black & White with Chris?

I like to shoot Canon as it’s fast and allows me to capture key moments.

9.        Do you have a dream person and a dream place / location to shoot?

Jamaica and Taylor Swift.

10. What's your favourite image of your own work? 

Ten, the idea was 10 years in business. 

See Spid’s image Ten below and visit his website here