Charlie Cameron, Senior Colourist - Amazing balayage and colour expert!


What are the hair colours you predict will trend this season?

I think blondes/ Balayages will stay in fashion but i'm also seeing a lot of rich browns around as well

Are there any styles/cuts you predict will become popular this season?

The classic Lob (collar bone length) will continue to stay in fashion I think its a classic really classy yet simple look

What’s your favourite look you’ve seen this season, in terms of colour and cut?

I really love soft white blondes created by doing very fine highlights and then toning with soft pretty tones, this particular colour I love seeing matched with lobs or long luscious hair. 

Do you have any must-have products or styling secrets you can share with us?

My absolute go to product is luxe oil by Wella, use this on wet or dry hair and it will tame any frizzy's and keep your hair feeling soft and smooth and smells like perfume in a bottle! 

One of my Fav finishing products at the moment is Bedroom hair by Kevin Murphy it is a light weight texturising spray that is perfect for finishing curls to give them a tousled, lived in look :)

Lastly, what websites and influencers do you look to for hair inspiration?

Pinterest and instagram are where i get a lot of my inspiration from.