Lucie Duport - Creative Stylist

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Highlight of the year just been:

Coming to Auckland for the first time and being part of Frenchie Team, I work with the most talented hairdressers and amazing souls this has definitely been my highlight of the year! I am always learning more about myself and different cultures through other cultures.

So far the best professional and personal experience!

What exciting plans do you have in store for 2019?

Traveling more! NZ has so much to offer, but also all the pacific Islands... beauty is everywhere. I am excited to learn more about the artistic side of hairdressing, fashion, show...

Best Hair hack for 2019?

I think everyone has a natural beauty - Being confident about your natural beauty, natural hair, texture, color, and doing what you can to make it more beautiful.For example, I love to be able to define more curls when you have naturally curly hair.I like to mix your grey hair with some glossy / shiny tones instead of covering them completely.Cutting hair short when you need more body and volume.

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