Brad Lepper is now a GHD Brand Warrior!

We are excited to announce that Brad is now a GHD Brand Warrior!  Joining other hairdressers from around Australia, Brad will now be educating on GHD techniques and releases of new tools and collections. Brad is looking forward to 2018 to showcase what GHD has to offer the world of hairdressing with innovation at the forefront. 

Check out INSTYLE Magazine for this collaborative shoot with the Infinite Styling team! 

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The Ultimate GHD styling event!

Brad and 9 other hairdressers took over the Sydney Opera House last Tuesday for the ultimate GHD styling event creating elegant and edgy looks with the new Nocturne Christmas collection, and all-new contour tool in particular.  Glamorous gowns and traditionally beautiful makeup ensured the shoot was executed with levels of luxury you would expect from ghd.

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